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"After years of working life running two limited companies I felt that in retirement and running a modest sideline that I could manage my own bookeeping and tax returns.  However, with lockdown and various other domestic issues I was all in and felt that a local accountant would be just what I needed.  Finding Sharon Gillett of Workabee via Next Door was a godsend.  She took my muddle of income and expenditure and asked lots of questions.  In very little time she had everything ship shape and her efforts resulted in the efficient filing of my tax return.   During the process I felt she went the extra mile to ensure that everything was specifically tailored to my situation - the benefit of having one accountant providing personal service.   Sharon clearly  has a breadth of  knowledge and one of the major benefits, apart from someone taking the stress off my hands is that due to her thoroughness I felt so confident that the filing of the tax return was spot on.  I would highly recommend Sharon's services - even though my tax return on this occasion was fairly modest I would have happily used her services, had I known about her, when I had the two ltd companies as I feel she is more than amply qualified at a much higher level than I required this time.  I will certainly be sticking with Sharon and using her services again."

Gina Negus

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