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I knew from an early age that I wanted to become a Chartered Accountant, studying Accounting & Finance at Southampton University and then completing my ACA qualification in a medium sized practice in order to gain experience in a variety of industries. Once qualified, I moved on to work as a Financial Accountant in the Asset and Wealth Management industry.

After working long hours in London for 17 years, I decided to ditch the city commute and set up my own accountancy business. Now being able to work flexibly, I could, for example, dangle off tall buildings rather than being stuck in one all day! I also felt this would allow me to become more involved in my charitable work, where I am the Treasurer of the RSPCA Essex South West branch.

Due to loving both spreadsheets and animals, I have also set up my own pet care business on the side. There can't be many businesses where you can get your dog walked and your tax return submitted!

This did however make choosing a trading name to link both businesses together difficult. I have always been known to be a hard worker, so 'busy as a bee' and 'workaholic' sprung to mind, creating 'workabee'.

About Me: About Me
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